Riverside Lawyer Density Map

Some of you are thinking, “Where are all the lawyers in Riverside California?” We had that same question too. So we devised this Riverside Lawyer Density Map to show where they are. The map was constructed using data from Google Maps and Lawyer.com. When studying maps and statistics we get a chance to see how areas relate to one another. This map is using zip code data within the city boundaries of Riverside. The darker the shading the more lawyers have addresses in that zip code.

The map shows us that most of the lawyers are in downtown Riverside which is of no surprise because this the oldest and most developed part of town. If the number of lawyers are a good indication of the degree of business activity, this map suggests that downtown Riverside would be the best place to start for establishing business. We can assume that most lawyers have a separate business address and that very few operate their practice from home. If this is so, the map suggests that the lighter areas are more residential.

The second most lawyer dense area in Riverside is just south of downtown in neighborhoods like Wood Streets, Magnolia Center, Victoria and Canyon Crest. This area is dense with a mixture of residential and business. There is a chance that if live in this area that a lawyer that you are looking for is in the same neighborhood.


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