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As personal injury attorneys, we understand that our job, if done correctly, is to help our clients who have suffered because of the negligence of others. Our clients have only one chance to be compensated fairly. When they put their trust in us, we take that job seriously.

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Riverside County Superior Court

If you reside in Riverside county California and you have a legal issue chances are you will be dealing with the Riverside County Superior Court as this is your jurisdiction. The court locations include Banning, Blythe, Corona, Hemet, Indio, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Palm Springs, Riverside and Temecula.

Typically you will be going to the court house near you to dispute issues in the areas of civil, criminal, divorce, child custody, probate, small claims and traffic violations. You can also pay fines at the court house.

Other services include searching public records or court cases. They have self-help areas both at the court house and online where you can find the proper forms and procedures to assist you if you don’t have a lawyer.

If you get called for jury service chances are you will meet at one of the court houses in the Riverside county court system. You can go online to their website to check if you are dismissed.

All and all the justice system is a publicly available tool that you can use for disputes as well as defending your rights as a citizen of Riverside county.

Riverside Area of Practice Density Chart

There are roughly 450-500 lawyers practicing in Riverside California. We have constructed an Area of Practice Density Chart to examine how the practice areas are divided. The accuracy is about 95%, but more important, in general terms, it gives us an idea of which area of practice is more popular.

If you are considering law school and are looking to set up a practice in Riverside, this chart may give you an idea of how much competition you will get in any given area of practice. For example, the top two areas of practice that are the most popular are Real Estate Law and Family Law. It would take more research as to why these are the most popular areas. Are they more lucrative? Is there more demand?

It is a shame that no one in Riverside is practicing Environmental Law. Choosing this area of practice would give you absolutely no competition. However, there may not be any demand for that area of law.

For anyone looking to get away from the competition, Immigration and Intellectual Property Law might be worth pursuing.

Riverside Lawyer Density Map

Some of you are thinking, “Where are all the lawyers in Riverside California?” We had that same question too. So we devised this Riverside Lawyer Density Map to show where they are. The map was constructed using data from Google Maps and When studying maps and statistics we get a chance to see how areas relate to one another. This map is using zip code data within the city boundaries of Riverside. The darker the shading the more lawyers have addresses in that zip code.

The map shows us that most of the lawyers are in downtown Riverside which is of no surprise because this the oldest and most developed part of town. If the number of lawyers are a good indication of the degree of business activity, this map suggests that downtown Riverside would be the best place to start for establishing business. We can assume that most lawyers have a separate business address and that very few operate their practice from home. If this is so, the map suggests that the lighter areas are more residential.

The second most lawyer dense area in Riverside is just south of downtown in neighborhoods like Wood Streets, Magnolia Center, Victoria and Canyon Crest. This area is dense with a mixture of residential and business. There is a chance that if live in this area that a lawyer that you are looking for is in the same neighborhood.


The Law Office of Timothy Combs

The Law Office of Timothy Combs is a full service Family, Personal Injury and Bankruptcy Law Firm, dedicated to providing our clients with superior counsel and zealous advocacy. This tireless dedication is evidenced by our growing roster of highly satisfied clients. We are based in sunny Southern California and licensed by the State Bar of California. Although we serve the entire state of California, the majority of our clientele are residents of either Riverside or Orange Counties.

Our office strives to be a Different Kind of Law Firm. Each of our clients will receive individualized counsel from an experienced Attorney. From the beginning until the resolution of their legal matter, our clients can rest assured that a Licensed Attorney is managing all major aspects of their matter. We do not believe in delegating your legal matter to non-attorney professionals, as you may have encountered with other lawyers or legal firms. A call to our office will be promptly returned by the Attorney representing your interests.

As a result, our clients receive the special attention that they deserve. Needless to say, our track record of success reflects our dedication to our clients no matter their situation. We strive to be approachable by our clients, resulting in a great line of communication. We won’t give you the answers you WANT to hear…We will give you the answers that you NEED to hear.

Find out why we consider ourselves a Different Kind of Law Firm.
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Greg Espinosa, Attorney at Law

30 yrs exp. Free consultation. Habla espanol.

Our practice is exclusively devoted to representing injured workers in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. GREG ESPINOSA graduated from USC law school in 1976 and was admitted to the California bar that same year. He worked as a legal aid lawyer for three years, then opened his private practice and began representing injured workers in 1979. In 1995, he became a Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

He has spent the past 29 years giving his personal attention to clients, in English and Spanish, to insure that each client receives all appropriate benefits available under the Workers’ Compensation system in California.

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